About us

About AMG

Our establishment, mission, and vision.

Steel sheets AMG was registered in September 2013 as a steel manufacturing company aimed at constructing the best pre-engineered and pre-fabricated buildings.
Our mission is to become a major construction partner providing preferable building services of durable and attractive steel structures at an affordable cost, thereby providing shelter that supports favourable business and lifestyle conditions.

Our vision is of a Zambian future with outstanding steel structures and prefabricated buildings country-wide as we reach out to all parts of the Nation.

Quality Assurance

We implement the highest standard on all our products.

Our rigid Quality Assurance and Control procedures are maintained and implemented to the highest standard on all our products and services.All company facilities are based on the advanced technologies of contemporary welding, bolting, soldering, drilling, cutting, hot rolling processing, real-time detection, electronic and manual measurement control, and computer and information communications.

The company adopts advanced quality management system in the world and our main products are produced following the international standard (ISO; AISC specifications, ASCE, DIN) and steel design standards according to the LRFD method.


Health and Safety

Safety is something you learn from the start, being accident free is doing your part.

Works begin with foundation and steel core We make it clear to our people that maximum safety can only be obtained if we all do our part. We provide safety and health information and protective clothing, our employees play their part by even taking extra careful measures and abiding by company safety rules during service hours.As dangerous as the environment can be, we are constantly aiming to reduce accidents.

The high quality of our produce is partly because our people work with free minds from the safety in place. Our products are friendly to the environment making them favourable for the consumer community.

Instilling a Culture of Integrity

We believe that integrity is a core value of every relationship.

We believe that integrity is a core value of every relationship. We treat employees, customers, partners, suppliers, investors and the public with respect, fairness and integrity and we expect the same in return. From day one, our employees are instructed to act ethically in all business dealings. We make clear this is something that should be done always.

Take a look at our team.

The whole AMG crew

Industrial Involvement

We consider it extremely important to be in touch with other people in the industry, therefore we have maintained key associations with hopes of sharing knowledge and vital information to keep up to date with the rest of the country and the world.

We are proudly active members of ZACCI and ZAM:


  • Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM)


  • Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI)